(good) mail makes things better

this past week and last i've received some very nice mail. mail, other than bills and solicitaions, like a hand written letter or etsy treasures bring me joy. i'll already know whats in a package- i bought it- and i'll be just as excited, probable more, as if it were a gift or surprise.

well, i recently traded with Chad of the dark and beautiful etsy shop Mon Petit Fantome. we bonded over our love for Let the Right One In. he makes silhouettes of animals and imagined narratives, paintings and dreamy music under the title St. Mary's. I got two! CDs...they are beautifully packaged. i'm a sucker for wax seals and vintage imagery and beyond that the music is so nice. i listened to it here and then i interweb stalked Chad till i got my own copies. grab your own copy here sans the creep factor. thank you much Chad!
i also received this page torn from a book from my sweet friend katrina. she knows that i love the silhouettes. i made images of my family in silhouette while we were in school together. i posted some a while back here. she's far but not forgotten- thank you if you ever see this! katrina makes beautiful images of her family and home in Argentina.
via katrinadautremont.com
it's her constant project documenting her family and the images are still, full of traces of lives and longing. she has a nice website too where you can see much more...


  1. i love monpetitfantome. he is my new etsy and flickr friend. it's great when circles overlap.

    i'm totally into wax seals. i've design about 100 for brooklynrehab. i just cant decide which one! those custom stamps aren't cheap.

  2. i know! i have a custom rhino seal. i get these ideas in my head and i have to have it. i used to mail everything from MR with a wax seal, but the (good) wax is so expensive.
    and your on the flickr? lets be flickr friends!

  3. Aw!
    Thanks so much for the kind words Jessica! I'm so glad that you like the music. I'm headed to Austin for a week to make another, so wish me luck :)


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