A very starry Craft Night

Modern Mercantile in Berryville, VA hosted a craft night using my Zodiac Embroidery Kits. You got to pick your sign, stitch and snack. Sounds pretty good to me! I want to see more of these, because this really made me happy to see. I wish I could have gone. If you would like to host a craft night, crafternoon, or workshop please drop me a line - miniaturerhino@gmail.com. I'd love to collaborate!

Have you ever attended a craft night? What did you make?

Etsy Wholesale Trend Report

Etsy Wholesale just released their biannual Trend Report which included my Zodiac Kits. I stitched up a Pisces constellation just for the shoot and love the look of the final image.

Very cool to also spot some of my maker friends like Baby Jives (cloud mobile, above),  J. Topolski (pit bull skeleton necklace, below) and discover the work of other creatives too. To see even more and dig into the trend themes check out the full trend report on Pinterest.  
Spot anything you really love?  I especially love the monogram necklaces above by Jill Makes

Happy Thanksgiving + Good Karma Sale

Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving holiday surrounded by family and friends.

This year instead of having a Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday sale I was inspired to participate in a Good Karma Sale originated by The Wild Unknown. I'm offering 15% off in my shops (Etsy & BigCartel) through Monday, 11/30 and I'll be donating 5% of my total sales to the Catskills Farm Sanctuary.  Just use the code GOODKARMASALE2015 at checkout.  It's live now :)

CAS rescues farm animals, like pigs goats, cows, and I even met a blind horse there. Animals are close to my heart & I was lucky enough to visit the farm for my birthday a few years ago. Here, one of the pigs nibbles on my finger.

I'm so thankful for every single order I receive and looking forward to giving back a little bit this holiday season! I've got a shop full of creative kits right now...

Thank you, thank you & Happy Holidays!

New Halloween DIY for D*S - Spider Web Bowls

Learn how to make these spooky spider web bowls, perfect for all your Halloween candy or late night scary movie popcorn needs. Find the full post on Design*Sponge here.

Cherry Blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

This week I checked out the Brooklyn Botanical Garden's cherry blossoms.  They are here for such a short time and I had to make sure I caught them at least once before they are all gone. I'm so glad I did. It's amazing to see a blanket of pink petals blanketing the ground and raining down from the trees. They are so delicate and soft, you can't even hold one for too long- it just crumbles in your hands.

There were sooo many people snapping pictures and a couple just strolling through the pink aisles barefoot. I wonder how many pictures of them there must be! It was definitely a sweet moment, and a beautiful, beautiful sight all together.

The whole park is in bloom, so colorful & smells so good! Going back for more this weekend :)

Flowers Forever

 I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!

It was a gorgeous day here in Brooklyn, and the first in over a week where I didn't feel sick. I got food poisoning recently and it really got me down. I celebrated the day as if my mom and I were together- brunch, a long walk, and pretty flowers. We talked throughout the day and it was really nice. 

How did you guys celebrate? 

I couldn't resist these bright, beauties from Park Delicatessen, a skate & flower shop. How rad is that?It's pretty much my new favorite shop.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I was gifted a big bottle of Patron last week, so of course I had to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a shot (or two!).  It was perfect timing for Cinco de Mayo and a pretty good excuse to bust out all my colorful props and dress my cats up in a tiny sarape. Do you really ever need an excuse to dress up your cats though? Nope.

Bug, Bastian, and I hope you're having a great Cinco!!

Craftsy Class Launch! Product photography at home & Giveaway

I'm so very excited to announce today the launch of my newest Craftsy class, Product Photography At Home. I'm passionate about the handmade community, and I made this class hoping to encourage and contribute to this amazing community of makers.

I know one of the biggest hurdles for creative entrepreneurs is photography.  It's so important in this crazy digital world. Photography can feel overwhelming, but this class simplifies the technical, while giving you concrete, simple advice. You'll learn:
  • camera gear and settings for optimal shooting
  • creating simple, affordable, professional setups for product photography
  • using & manipulating natural light 
  • working with models
  • photographing outdoors in different lighting conditions  
  • prop styling
  • basic post production
  • see the class promo here
To celebrate the launch & get you snapping shop pics right away, the class is 50% off from now until Friday, May 8th with this link. And by signing up you'll automatically be entered to win any Crafty class of your choice for free! The winner will be contacted directly by Craftsy with the details on the 9th. 

The best part about Craftsy classes is that you own them forever, you can watch them whenever you want, and you can ask me questions anytime. I love getting questions! In my embroidery class I get questions all the time. It's so nice to be able to connect with students to give them advice and encouragement. You can even share your work with me & get feedback.

Throughout Product Photography at Home I demonstrate techniques using real products from real makers, and examples of great product images from actual handmade shops. This was so important to me- I wanted to give hardworking makers a shout out and share their awesome work, but also show how you can do it too!

In Product Photography at Home you'll see amazing products & beautiful images from: J. TopolskiPepper SproutsHodge Podge FarmCounter Couture DesignAlexandra Kate JewelryBlackbird TeesCotton & FlaxKatrina d’AutremontKnit KnitMudpuppy, H & FieldOh, Albatross, Earth Below Sky, Mokuyobi ThreadsPeg and AwlXenotees, and Clean Getaway Soap. Holy crap! So much talent, inspiration, and creativity in this list of contributors. SO thankful for their contributions and looking forward to sharing their work with you!

If you've been itching to improve your shop's product photography and grow your business I can't wait to help you! Here again is the the 50% off link, which enters you to win an additional Craftsy class for free! 

MR + Mollie Makes

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." - Carl Sagan

I designed the patterns for the free Constellation Stitch Kit in the latest Mollie Makes, issue,53. Pretty incredible kit (patterns, hoop, fabric, thread, needle) as a bonus to a great magazine. The patterns are inspired by my favorite topic, the stars. So of course I had to include a Carl Sagan quote, the little & big dipper and a graphic, sashiko star. I'm really happy to see how the kit, and the whole issue turned out. So many fun projects!  I want to make that knot pillow below.

Pick up your copy of Mollie Makes May 1, when it hits the stands, and share your stitched stars with me. Seriously, can't wait to see people making these patterns! Tag me in your insta pics so I can comment with all the happy emojis.

That knot pillow, right?! What are you most excited to make?


A few weeks ago I took a macramé class with Renata Abbade in a beautiful, sun filled studio. It was the first day in New York that really felt like spring to me, so it was wonderful to gather with people and learn something new. I loved learning the knots and a little bit about the history and meaning of them too. We finished half the piece in class and I worked on it a bit last night. I'm almost finished and excited to see it all done, and hanging with plants nestled inside.

I'm excited to make more macrame pieces. It feels nostalgic to me, since I remember my mom teaching me how to do it when I was little. We worked on a wall hanging piece together that I'm sure is in a box somewhere. Now that I've had learned a bit more I'm looking forward to making a lot more and giving them away as gifts.

This class was such a treat to myself. I'm on a learning kick and taking a guitar class too!

Have you ever done macramé? I'm curious if you use patterns or just make it up as you go? We learned three knots and I'd love to beef up my knot game and make some more varied pieces.  And are there any macrame mavens I should be following? 

Bright & Colorful Dyed Flowers

Dyeing easter eggs is such a nostalgic memory from my childhood. Sometimes my cousins would come over and we would use one of those box kits with a white crayon, colorful tablets to dip in water and stickers. We'd get dye all over our hands and write our names on our eggs.  It was so much fun! Now, I can't even remember the last time I dyed eggs.  Since I don't buy eggs anymore I wanted to think of a new take on the dyed easter egg, and thought of dyeing flowers fun colors.

 I bought some white roses, daisies and chrysanthemums from my local florist (they have the best cactus!) and used a generous amount of food dye (neon, fall, and standard) to color the water. These dyes were given to me when a friend was moving out of the country over 6 years ago and I've never used them until now.

The flowers almost immediately started to change colors. You can see the slightest hint of color in the picture above. The purple neon dye (second to the right) didn't work.  After a few hours most of the flowers were already brightly colored, but not the purple. Even after I switched the water and the flowers didn't want to absorb dye. So avoid purples. The roses seemed to be the most receptive to the dye.

The picture above is after only an hour of dyeing, and below is how they looked after dyeing overnight. So bright & colorful!!

So happy with how poppy the colors turned out. My favorite colors have to be the neon green, which looks chartreuse, and the orange rose.

This is so easy and fun & would be a great project to do with kids, too. Let me know if you give this a try!