hey decor8!

i, err, MiniatureRhino, has a mention on the lovely blog decor8 today! yeah, yeah after my last post maybe i'm showing off, but i'm like a little kid with a new nintendo- this shit is exciting to me! it's a bit of validation during some stressful times. i've been kinda down lately. Family troubles that i won't burden you with and very stressed about trying to make my little business grow. i want more than my day job can give me, but i literally can't stitch fast enough to keep up. i want to do this so bad and i'm just not sure how, but I'm trying everyday....find decor8 and the post i'm included in, Etsy Take Five Tuesdays, here
via decor8 (via photographs taken in my bedroom)
i like the images they choose and how they arranged them...


  1. I'm so happy that you enjoyed your spot on decor8 today, it makes me so happy to read stuff like this... like what I'm doing IS making a little difference you know? I'm SO happy to make you feel better about your work, you do some really cool stuff.

    Holly@ decor8blog.com

  2. yay! well deserved :)

    let's all quit our jobs and start a studio!

  3. Big, big thanks to you Holly! It does make a difference to me and i'm sure for the other artist you feature as well!

    Alyssa don't joke cause i'm this close to quitting. a studio would be amazing!!!

  4. Fabulous news! Congrats. Quitting the day job was the best thing I did!


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