a year ago today...

...i had my thesis show, A Natural History. it makes me sad. this is some of what i made. it was a miniature museum of my family inspired by cabinets of curiosity, victorian photography, like daguerreotypes and memorial images and objects, natural history and museums...

if you want to see more heres a link to a page update I never finished with a bunch of dead links http://www.jessica-marquez.com/naturalhistory.html and here is my main photography site sorely in need of an update...www.jessica-marquez.com


  1. this is really really up my alley. all my work in that i did in school was about family & memory & a lot about my dad too. you should be really proud of this. it's all perfect.

  2. What a fantastic thesis! I really love what you've shown here. So thoughtful and intricate. Thanks for sharing it!


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