update and give away....

Miniature Rhino shop update 11.2.2009 at 2pm eastern time...
really excited about this!
i have a few new things for this shop update including these postcards. they are images of little collections and come with something special- a set of vintage stamps enough for mailing one postcard. each set in the shop will come with this little extra.

receiving mail is one of the best gifts and i equally enjoy sending and receiving it. so to celebrate this update i thought i'd share the mail love and offer one set of postcards to, maybe, you! just leave a comment here and i'll pick a winner randomly 2.7.09. tell me about the book your reading or recommend a good one. i need to pick a new book since i forgot to cancel my membership to audible.com just like i said i would.

i hope you can stop by for the update! and thanks to all in advance for your recommendations!
i'm reading The Road currently....


  1. ooh lovely! I just finished Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking, which serendipitously came into my hands at a perfect time. I read it in 1 day. Also reading We Need to Talk About Kevin. Mainly because it's due to become a film by one of my favorite directors, Lynne Ramsay. Both, very good reads!

  2. Gorgeous! I'm currently reading 'The Learners' by Chip Kidd...enjoying it so far!

  3. Ugh, the pressure! I am between books, myself. I just get myself to start a new one while I'm in this busy season mess! So I'll be stealing all the recommendations for others!

    I hope you've read "Middlesex" - it's one of my favorite books of all time so I always recommend it to anyone. Bel Canto is the latest book I read and just adored. I'm continually working on Madonnas of Leningrad because I find it to be so thoroughly moving that it's difficult to continue... I have to take small bites to not be completely overwhelmed.


  4. I'm currently reading The In-Between World of Vikram Lall by M.G. Vassanji. It's about an east Indian boy growing up in Kenya. Fascinating.
    Also I love postcards and send them almost daily.

  5. Sorry, no book recommendations. I am searching for a good book too. I hate wasting time on bad books.

    I did want to say how much I like your pics, I am a fan of natural history and random tiny bits of nature. The stamps are a perfect touch.

  6. I really respect Noah Levine's Dharma Punx, but that's best for people interested in rebellion, recovery from addiction and a bit of Buddhism.

    More importantly, if you like books and getting mail, go check out www.paperbackswap.com . Send out books you won't read again and receive books you will! There's waiting lists for popular books, but I've still received a bunch that I wanted.


  7. They are so wonderful!! I love the vintage stamps, that is so perfect!

    Right now I'm reading Alice in Wonderland, and I love it!

  8. I am reading Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. It's the first of his books that I've read.

    I would highly recommend The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I read it years ago when it first was published and have read it 4 times since then. I do not, however, recommend the movie. Absolute tripe.

  9. I love your postcards, especially the stamps!

    Right now I am reading The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

  10. Cheyne I love Middlesex, too!

    I wonder who is narrating The Road??

    These postcards are so cool- and the stamps make them even cooler!

    I hope I win!


  11. Oh these are FABULOUS!!!!! i am in a postcard exchange so how lovely would it be to send one of these? even if i don't win (fingers crossed that i do!), i will have to visit your lovely shop.

    I am sure you must have already given in to the hype to read "The Time Traveler's Wife" -- seriously if you haven't, please read it. I read it back in 2004 and have made everyone that means something to me, read it. I believed in it.

    another good book is "I wish someone were waiting for me somewhere" by anna gavalda. BEAUTIFUL book of short stories. Isn't that title magical?

  12. It's been a while since I read it, but I highly recommend The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon. I'm reading She's Come Undone right now, and it's too depressing for my taste.

  13. These look fantastic!
    This morning I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, for old times' sake rather than it's literary value...
    In the world of real books, I highly recommend Stuart: a life backwards by Alexander Masters x

  14. Hello::
    I just found your blog through Etsy. Love your creations!
    I have just finished The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, which is really good. Started reading My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk, which is just beautifully written. Hope you get to read them.

  15. woo hoo! thanks for all these suggestions and kind words! i now have a recommended reading list that i'll post at the end.

    Miss crowland- did you read Good Is Dead?

    Cheyne- i havent! but it's been on my list forever since i read The Virgin Suicides.

    Kimmay- i'm actually reading the road in book format, but i wonder too...

    Micaela...a postcard exchange?! more info please!

  16. I have to agree with the Middlesex recommendation. I'm a little over half through White Noise by Don Delillo...it's pretty interesting. It was written in the 80's and it's funny to hear the irritation he has with TV culture but I think I really love his spazzy, insecure frustrations that I I'm starting to relate to haha.

  17. I love it. Mail is my favorite, too. I just read Malcom Gladwell's Outliers. Very interesting. Thanks for the opportunity.

  18. I am currently reading A Clockwork Orange,but the whole film and hype aside it is actually a splendid experiment in language, i am loving it.

    On a better in a story kind of way I have just read "The White Tiger" by Aravind Adiga and think it should also be read.

    The postcards are exquisite.


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