a halloween recap....

we went to queens county farm museum to pick some pumpkins for carving and maybe some pie making. i was pleasantly surprised to find there were animals to coo over, pet and pester. i love petting goats! i chased around the poka dot feathers, which i learned are from female peacocks, and was generally happy to play in a farm and watch all the little kids in their costumes.

later jeremy carved the cat pumpkin and roasted the pumpkin seeds. the ears kill me. we watched a bunch of horror movies and i worked on a new batch of books to prepare for the my shop update yesterday.

what did you do? did you dress up?

ps thanks to all the comments with book suggestions below!! i'm going to compile a recommended reading list.


  1. oh my gosh - great pics!
    i have been talking about going to that farm for months now.
    i really need to make the trek.
    how did you get there?

  2. thanks pondblue!

    we took the LIRR. I can't remember the stop, sorry!, and then a short taxi ride to the farm. it was a fun little day trip, but without a car there it's really hard to get around to do much else.

  3. Wow ! Love your pumpkin !!! he ears are perfect =^.^=

    I didn't have time to dress up or do anything fancy, but my mum & I had a great tea party, on the following day ...
    And it was neat !

    x x x

  4. i didn't know female peacocks were where those polka dot feathers came from! i guess it's cause the male peacocks are the ones that get all the play with their fancy schmancy feathers.

    i wanted to let you know i just posted about your custom heart samplers on my little blog. it's nothing fancy (i mean my blog...not the samplers), but i think they're absolutely lovely and wanted to share them.


  5. Those are Guinea Fowl feathers. Peahens are very different.


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