dear david sedaris,

i like you.image via NY Times/ Suzanne Opton/Time Life Pictures-Getty Images
i just finished listening to when you are engulfed in flames, by david sedaris (above left), which i downloaded for free from you can too here, but you'll have sign up, give your credit card details and all, and then you get one free book download- any book. remember, you'll get charged membership fees after 14 days. just watch, i'm posting this reminder and i'm going to forget! i thought the book was funny, poignant, and now i want to live in japan!


  1. I am a huge David Sedaris fan. Thanks for posting this - jumping over to the site now to get the audio book!

  2. Oh my, yes! David Sedaris is hilarious and wonderful! I came across his stories a few years ago and I've continually been impressed!!

  3. I love David Sedaris, too. A few years ago I also took advantage of the free download, but I downloaded Naked (which I also a few of his books! Ah!) But I haven't read this one yet. I gotta get on it!

    Also- Japan is great! And Read Me Talk Pretty One Day, you'll want to go to Paris haha

  4. Oh Mr. Sedaris. The only author to make me laugh so hard, I literally peed myself. xo.


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