lots of color....

i'm loving 100 Layer Cake's inspiration color boards. i so needed these when i was struggling to make my color schemes for my custom hearts (as confessed in my post below this one). these are so good- perfect for not just wedding planning, which 100 Layer Cake specializes in, but for graphic design, color schemes for the home, outfits even. their blog is filled with great images and ideas, but these really got me excited for my next round of color scheming....

all images via 100 Layer Cake


  1. cool site. gonna bookmark that one.

  2. And the winner is...YOU! Thanks so much for inspiring me.

  3. Jess!!!!

    I just wanted to let you know that I've given you the "One Lovely Blog" award! It's a blogger-to-blogger honor that is spread through link love<3 All you have to do to accept it post the banner (you can find it on my blog), link back to me, and then go crazy tagging your favorite seven lovely blogs! Then, just let them know what you've done and the "rules," and the love shall spread!

    I hope you like it:0) Keep being lovely!


  4. Oh that's a fab idea. Thanks so much for sharing that. (p.s. loving your work btw!)

  5. Amy.... thank you! i will definitely try to post soon on this... so nice of you!

    Alisa, ha! thanks so much! i'll see you soon and will post soon too!
    thanks lady friend...

    Zoƫ... i'm loving your blog right now. i spent the morning looking at it. and did you really find that image of mine on fffound?!


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