mail love and other stuff...

these past few weeks have brought me some amazing mail- one of my favorite things. so many, many thanks to these kind friends..
Chad ~ Mon Petit Fantome...
mr. Mon Petit Fantome, (who jeremy calls the Kevin Bacon of the etsy world because there seems to be three degrees between him and any etsy shop- he's just that nice!) sent me some mix CD's and this lovely little print he used for a note..
Alyssa ~ BrooklynRehab
I got a set of Alyssa's Uninvited Guests Doilies that came awhile back in the smartest packaging. these little doilies were wrapped in a gingham paper, like a table cloth. so good. i put them up in a little corner and you can see Chad's bear there close by in the second picture too...
is one of my great friends from school. she makes a-ma-zing baklava from an old family recipe. It's seriously delicious and insanely good. how amazing is it to get fresh, homemade baklava in the mail?!! **i'm pushing her to make an etsy store and pretty soon there should be one up.
any one interested?!**

she also sent me these tiny, vintage books which upon seeing i literally screamed in delight...
also a friend from school, sent me a curious new friend, but
how the hell did she get the rhino in that little box? ha! so fun to receive. the package also had a vintage embroidery hoop, and a small, vintage glass bottle. the bug liked it too...
other wise this weekend has been spent lazily working. heres what i've been making of late:
new little/big constellations. here's a 5" Orion...
chad, alyssa, nicola and toni thanks for all the mail love!!!


  1. Always a pleasure!
    Cheers, Alyssa

    PS> Your dad is a cutie!
    Can i say that without it sounding too weird ;)

  2. Aw, you're welcome hun! I'm glad you liked the print and cds. Hahaha...the Kevin Bacon of Etsy! That's too funny :)
    What an awesome photo of your Dad...seriously awesome. I've been crushing on your constellation hoops...I'll have to email ya about that!


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