making and listening....

the weekend flew by! when doesn't it i guess? i was busy photographing, updating my esty shop with new things, cleaning and taking a brief break from the nfl (no fun league) to see a movie, land of the lost. i'm a sucker for will ferrel.
this is one of the new color schemes for the custom heart samplers. i tried to make themes for the colors to make them more interesting. the red and navy of this one create a nautical theme, so it's called Hold Fast. choosing the colors was a challenge, but i like the way they turned out and the themes that go with each one, like Plum Tree on the top left.
when i was choosing these sample names to illustrate the colors i went with a theme too. all but one set of names adhere to this theme. can you guess it? ***i should do a give away or something, like if you can guess the theme/connection you get a free heart. hmmmm... who wants to play?!*** 

if you do want to guess send me an email here:  instead of commenting so the answer isn't revealed to anyone who wants to guess.
i also added some photo encaustics of my favorite vintage images i collect. right now only the horses are in the shop, but i have a few other images to add like the one below, which has to be my all time favorite found image.  the horse image has a tee pee like structure in the background which makes the image for me. 
 the original of this image is really small, maybe a little larger than a quarter. its a tin type too. the reproduction came out so well and i love all the little cracks that you can see from the emulsion of the tin type and their clothes are amazing. she's wearing a polka dot blouse! 

while i worked i was listening to podcasts. i like music, but sometimes i want a story or just to hear someone talk. i listened this craft sanity podcast about Jenna Woginrich's book "Made from Scratch: Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life." she becomes a homesteader, living off the land. i daydreaming every day of moving to a small town, in the middle of nowhere so this really appealed to me. 

later, Tobias Wolf read me short stories on the New Yorker Fiction Podcast. it was nice.... 
do you know of any good podcasts that i should try?


  1. i like these blocks.

    wish i knew some good pod casts to recommend. i'll have to check back myself to see if any good ones show up here.


  2. Even more in love with these now that I know who Helen and Lito are... definitely bookmarking for etsy shop for a future purchase! :)

  3. ah, thanks Zoë so crazy nice to hear!! my grandparents are way cute too!


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