thank you Design Sponge!

It's a wonderful feeling to wake up to a feature of my Zodiac Kits one of my favoritest blogs,  Design Sponge!  Thanks so much for this pick-me-up Grace!

Grace mentions that she's a bit of an astrology cynic, but that her friend Amy has a pension for astrological musings, which are rubbing off.  I'm somewhere in between. I really like reading my horoscope and love looking at the stars, but I'm more into the mythology rather than astrology.  I think it's just fun to talk about signs and who you're supposed to get along with more, or stay away from, and to guess peoples signs. Plus the constellations are just beautiful....

So what's your sign? Do you follow astrology?


  1. Yay! That's great, Jess! Those kits are really unique.

    Capricorn and yes :)

  2. Nix, my bf is also a Capricorn. I'm a libra, but on the cusp with Scorpio. I get along well with Capricorns! love that you shared!! thanks!

  3. What wonderful news, congratulations!

  4. Oooh, that kit is lovely! I'm a new follower, hello! I adore your work. I'm a Sagittarius and it's funny I laughed astrology off more when I was a kid, and now I think it's rather interesting. I love the stars and the sky though, I think the constellations themselves keep winning me over.

  5. Hello Georgia, we are on the same page for sure! thanks so much for saying hi!!


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