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Sashiko Embroidery Class 

Sept. 10, 11:00 am -1:00 pm, Make Workshop
Oct. 28, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Make Workshop

one 2-hour workshop // $80 (supplies included)

A hands-on introduction to the tools, materials, techniques and a bit of the history of this stitched Japanese art form. You'll learn how to make beautiful intricate sashiko patterns and transfer them onto just about any material. The class fee includes a kit with everything you'll need to get started. Sign up here


Learn to embroider with me any time, any where in my Craftsy class Design it, Stitch it: Hand Embroidery! Learn over 25 decorative stitches, my favorite transfer techniques, tips on designing your own patterns, and tricks for stitching on stretchy materials. We make two fun projects and you get lots of extra patterns drawn by me to play with. Bonus: embarrassing pictures of me as a kid and silly stitch puns! Yay!! Sign up here!

This class is for makers looking to grow their shops by improving their product photography. I designed this class for you! After years of being both maker and photographer (accountant, CEO and janitor too!) I wanted to share my experience with you. In this class you'll learn basic camera functions for a DSLR, how to use and manipulate natural light, create a simple table top setup, work with models, prop style, and basic post production. I'm so excited about this class & hope it can be helpful for creative makers! Sign up here!