sweets for valentine's day. it's close! i remember in grade school we'd have cupcake parties and make cards with glitter glue and doilies. i think my nostalgia for the past is always coming out in the things i make. i'd love to share them with you so i'm having a wee shop sale. Free shipping throughout the shop and a little extra love and care in my packaging for this valentine's day. The cost will be refunded after payment via PayPal.

do you have any romantical or anti-valentine plans? either way there should be cupcakes involved!


  1. Hurray Jess you're back! It looks like you had a fantastic time in India. For valentines day we're going to the beach (I love the beach in winter) and the boy has promised that I can have fish'n'chips TWICE! my dream day.

  2. I wish I had a Valentine so he could offer me one of your things ...
    Any one ! Love them all !

    Kisses & hugs,
    Muffins & Cupcakes !
    x x x


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