thanks are due...

while i was away i was ever so kindly nominated by misscrowland and Tara for a poppie award from poppytalk for favorite handmade crafter and favorite handmade housewares . i think i got about 20 votes in total, which is kinda sad/cute, but hey i was playing with the big kids and that's just how it goes.

it was fun and an honor just to be considered someones favorite! thanks to those who nominated me, voted for me and to poppytalk. ALSO astulabee let me know that Faythe Levine, of handmade nation, who was a juror had picked both her and I as contenders and shared all her picks on her blog here. not gonna lie, that's nice and i kinda feel like a winner......

one of my favorite winners is rifle paper co. the hand lettering, color combos and vintage aesthetics have me hooked. have you seen their new website? it's amazing!

see all the poppytalk winners here.


  1. Congrats to you! I love Rifle paper co as well.

  2. Well, I think I have pretty good taste, and I voted for you and I voted for Rifle Paper. So there!


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