cupcake donut....

lets get random. here's some of my weekend...
my love for sweets, especially cupcakes and donuts, runs deep. see text below. we emptied our storage unit. chaos throughout the house and bug now has the largest kitty playground in town. found these a-ma-zing vintage quilt pillows by enhabiten via teenangster. i'm crushin hard on both these ladies, who seem to be equally smitten with each other too! i like that. thats the amazing thing about the interweb. good things to find and interweb friends. hello whoever reads this (waving).
aren't these too good?!


  1. Someone's waving like crazy here ! Guess who ?
    x x x

  2. I'm so glad you like my blog (and share my love for enhabiten's pillows — aren't they great?). Also, cupcake donuts are definitely something to get excited about!

  3. this was so nice to wake up to this morning. i've always loved your shop. winking and waving:)

  4. I love quilts too! LOOVVVE these. Crazy quilts are crazy cool.

  5. i've been following enhabiten too; love her humor and great finds, not to mention her handwork!

    and, of course, i'm smitten with yours too (all of the above). my daughter(16) is catching on to your coolness as well. she adores the message in a bottle. if i make enough of my own etsy sales, i'll order one for her!


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