you made my day today....

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tara of seven spoons and julia rothman in cahoots with Design Sponge truly made my day today! thank you! tara used a little badge i made her on this wreath she made. pink and green never looked so good. tara's blog has some drool worthy photography and great ideas for kitchen witchery.

aaaand to there was a little miniature rhino love on Design Sponge's 2009 blogger's wishlist. 21 bloggers were asked what they'd like to give and receive and my little bee piece was chosen by
julia rothman, of the insanely great blog book by its cover, as something she'd like. it actually just sold the other day! i'm feeling the love....

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  1. omigoodness friend, you totally just made MY day. you're too sweet.

    as always, congrats on all of your well-deserved successes.


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