lets catch up...

hi! i've been gone for a bit and just wanted to say "HELLO!"
so, yesterday i braved the ny cold (and the first snow of the year!) to conquer my holiday shopping at two craft fairs, the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale and the New New's Holiday Cavalcade. eyes on the prize, i came prepared with a list of who i was shopping for. it paid off because i got almost all my holiday shopping done in one day. i feel great about supporting handmade and my local craft community!!

i have to say that the new new etsy team, which i'm proud to be a member of, brought it. i was really proud of them- everyone's table looked great and beyond looks they had quality wares!

here are a few of my favorites from both fairs:jtopolski- i couldn't resist a bee necklace for me.
amble through bramble- oh my, i got my moms something so good here! it was one of those things that took me by surprise and i knew that it was the perfect gift to give.wren handmade- glad to have discovered her works and lovely blog.
virgina kraljevic- had the cutest packaging and sweet little pins.
and lemmmakeit had these great tear drop necklaces. when i saw this pirate boat complete with tiny bird pirate on her blog i had to share. apparently she makes crafts martha stewart and this was featured on the show. (are you seeing this miss crowland?!)

there were so many great makers, so i'm sorry if i missed you.

the end. whew!

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  1. I LOVE IT. The fact that you thought of me when looking at that cracks me up!


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