Happy Sting Spring!

IT'S THE SPRING EQUINOX! It's spring today! Well, kinda. It's supposed to snow here in NY today, but officially it's the first day of spring and I can't be more ready for it.

I had this itch to photograph the cats jumping on a bright backdrop, like jumping for joy 'cause it's spring, but they were so confused about the whole thing.  There was no jumping, but there was a whole lot of awkward. Saved the best for last, so make sure you check out the last beauty :/ Can't say I'm disappointed though. I love these dumb dumbs so much. 

Enjoy some gratuitous silly cat pics of Bastian, Bug, Banjo and not pictured but hiding behind the paper, Bullet.

AND.... the best for last. Never mind me, it's all about Bastian's goonie face. What a idiot!

We all wish you a happy (kinda) spring friends!

p.s for more pics of my crew check out #catscratchcrew on insta!

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