NY wish list

Sometimes I'm walking around in my daily life - I'll be carrying a heavy backpack and tote bags full of stuff from running errands and I'll be filled with whinny thoughts about always having to carry everything around here, or how many flights of stairs I have to go up and down or how tired I am from running those errands- and then, like a slap, I'll remember that I live in New-fucking York, the greatest city! (On the east coast. Still got mad love for you LA.)

The other night we were going home and literally walked into a dance party in the subway. Everyone was dancing, hands up, laughing. A dj was playing a set on his ipad & amps. I got caught up in it. Standing on the subway benching smiling like a fool while holding my grocery bags at my side, I was in love with the city again. Stuff like this happens all the time. It sneaks up on you, both the love and the hate of New York. (Exhibit A, this song.) I thought I'd live here for a year when I moved from Rochester, just try it out, and now I've been here going on eight years!

I don't know if I'll live here forever, so last night we made a list of all the NY experiences (city and beyond) that we'd like to have. I always feel like I'm missing what's happening here, and I don't know how many times I've said, "oh, we should do that!"

So here it is, an ever growing wish list to remind me to appreciate all NY's gifts and grit. Hold me accountable internet! Make sure I have all the fun- thank you very much.

-“The Grand Tour” at the Met (Jan 21, 22 2015)

-“Drone Mass” at the Met (March 17 2015)

-Opera at the Metropolitan Opera (& dress fancy!) 

-Drinks at the Campbell Apartment (Grand Central Station)

-Montauk Trip 

-Hike the Appalachian Trail

-Camping at Malouf’s Mountain

-4th of July in Cold Spring

-Storm King

-“Ask Me Another” Live Taping

-Go to a taping of SNL (Please, please, please! I tried once. Woke up and the butt-crack of dawn. Got standby tickets and then had the doors shut on me after waiting in like for hours that evening. I was the most whinny ever that night.)

-Go to a taping of Colbert Report 

-Dancing at a Club (Love to dance & I've never gone dancing here :( What is wrong with me? Also a friend called me old, because I call it "go dancing" instead of "going out".)

-Walk the Full High Line (When will it be completed?)

-Ice Skating at Central Park

-Roller Skating at Prospect Park (Who wants to hold my hand?)

-Judge Judy taping! (I love that mean ol' lady!)

-Swans at Central Park

-Take my momma to Wave Hill

-Alvin Ailey Dance Performance

-Dinner or Drinks at Sardi’s

-Jekyll and Hyde Club

-Actually go see Swans perform

-Bike ride around the island

-Carnegie Hall Performance

-Private Room Karaoke with Friends

-Apple Pickin’

-Skiing at Lake Placid

-Guitar Lessons at Brooklyn Guitar School

-Performance at BAM

-Vegetarian Cooking Class

Anything I missed?


  1. NY is amazing, i would like to know! good wish list! I hope that you complete that! xx

  2. Such a good list! We've been making lots of NY lists lately too- it's so good to do when I'm in an I hate NYC mood- a sure way to snap me out of it. If you haven't been to the Tenement Museum, you will love it. I can't wait to google so many of your line items- thanks for the inspiration!


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