T-shirt to Tank top DIY

I know it's almost winter here in NY, so what the heck am I talking about tank tops for? Well, they're pretty much a staple in my daily life throughout the year. I love to layer, and tank tops help keep me warm under copious amounts of clothes during colder months, or cool and comfortable in warmer months. I basically live in tank tops during summer or when I visit home in California. On any given day I'm probably wearing one!

I have a bunch of t-shirts that are too big for me, mostly band shirts that are for more dudely frames, like this Hexvessel shirt that was gifted to me because animals. (Jeremy saw them at Stella Natura & loved them!) Since I found this 1950's Singer on the street (yep, best trash score ever!) I've been sewing these shirts into perfectly fitting tank tops.

It's super easy and even if you don't have a super industrial machine you can stitch one up in under 30 mins.
1. First, using fabric scissors cut the sleeves off following the seams.
2. Turn the shirt inside out. Use a top that fits you well as a template. Center the template top over the shirt and use dressmakers chalk or regular chalk to mark the side seams and shoulder straps. I didn't worry too much on being perfect. I guesstimated and aimed for symmetry from side to side.
3. Cut the excess from the shoulders and pins the sides.
4. Sew along your chalk marks.
5. Cut the neckline. I just followed the seam. You can always cut more, but first try your shirt on. Adjust and cut more if needed/desired to even out the straps or neckline.
6. Stretch the arm holes and neck line a bit till they curl in. Best thing about jersey- no need to sew raw edges!
So that's it. From boxy boy shirt to perfect fit for me. Hope this gives you some ideas to update your old shirts! Let me know if you do!

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