My Spoon Collection

Let's be honest. I'm kind of a hoarder and have lots of little collections- bee hives, stones, sea glass, vintage ephemera, and spoons. There might be a few more too, like the tin boxes in the photographs. I just really like things, especially old and unique things. They become memories for me like, "oh, I got this for my birthday" or  "this reminds me of our trip." It's also just nice to eat ice cream with a beautiful white porcelain spoon.

I have a few more I forgot to photograph, but I listed all of these below. The diagram was inspired by a recent trip to the Met. I believe all lists should now be accompanied by a museum-like diagram.

1. Juniper wooden spoon, Sweden, from Kiosk
2. Dead Horse Bay find
3. Swan spoon, antique, gift
4. Wooden spoon my mom gave that I'm sure is from Cost Plus ;)
5.  by Love Daniella 
6. porcelain spoon by kg ceramics. I bought two of these spoons because I loved it so much, and I'm glad I did since my cats love to break all my favorite things.
7. from Nepal as a souvenir from our trip 
8. Evil Eye Spoon, porcelain, by Deme Ceramics 
9. Ceramic spoon by Kara No Te (her shop is closed now, but I love her hand formed ceramics)
10. Dead Horse Bay find
11. gift
12. Shino Takeda, ceramic

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