A little bit about Bonnaroo...

So Bonnaroo happened.

If you don't know about the music festival Bonnaroo, lemme tell you. IT'S INSANE! Farmland in Tennessee is cleared, giant stages are erected, and there's music all day and all night for four days. There are so, so many people, some 80,000+ people come out and the place is so huge that I'd often find myself lost or stuck in a sea of people. Some of those people were surely hula hooping. There was a lot of that happening. 

Just look at this very impressive line up, which includes Elton John, Yeezus, Jack White and on and on. Yeah, I got to see the rocket man himself sing Tiny Dancer. Surreal, life affirming moment! 

I was there working with Teva giving away sandals and customizing them with a DIY bar, or as everyone there was calling it Bedazzeling. So much fun- make all day, live music all night! I must have helped 40-50 (or more) people a day customize their shoes.

I also got to work alongside the firecracker florist Rosemary Stafford, who led floral workshops & is pretty fun & amazing. How great is this wall of flowers she made? So people who visited the Teva campsite got treated to diy sandal workshops, floral crown and jewelry workshops, and free concerts. Not too shabby! Lucky little bonnarooers. 

Never would I have thought I would attend this fest or have so much fun! I hope I get to go again next year!!

Photo 1-4 by Adam Macchia 

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