an embroidered family history

I recently had the pleasure of adding some hand embroidery to a very special family heirloom. This baptismal gown, dating from the 1950s in France, is shared with family members when they baptize their children. Then the child's name and birth date is embroidered onto the gauzy slip. I added a few of these names with the most delicate hand I could.

I don't usually take on these types of projects because of the logistical difficulties, but this beautiful piece called to me. I love the story of this gown, an embroidered family history.

You know I'm a sucker for a good vintage piece too! Really enjoyed photographing it. Here are a few behind the scenes and details of this gorgeous gown. The details are amazing!

Does your family have any heirlooms that have been passed down through the generations?


  1. What a privilege to have your work immortalized in such a way! You did an exquisite job!

  2. This is SO amazing!!! I have a blessing gown that I made for one of my daughters that is similar to this. {In my church, mormon, we have our babies blessed -baptized when they're older} It will be hers to pass down from generation to generation and what a great thing~ to embroider the name and date. I just might be having to do that to the slip.


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