MR + 17 Apart Wedding...

Remember I shared a wedding suite of cross stitched handkerchiefs? I'm so thrilled to see them used as part of the grooms and groomsmen's attire for Mary and Tim's beautiful wedding. And OMG that dress!

It's such an honor to make things for peoples weddings. I know what a special day it is for them and how each detail is carefully considered. It's even more special for me when you feel like you know them. I follow Mary and Tim's blog, 17 Apart, have purchased from her store, Contrary, and read her posts on the Etsy blog. It made me so nervous to make these & hope they are enjoyed!

Their wedding looks so very lovely and I'm so honored to have played a small part in it...

Congrats Mary & Tim!

Isn't her dress amazing? I really love those magenta pops of color in the bouquets. 

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  1. WOW that wedding gown is beyond beautiful - so glam! xo Kimmay


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