My dad...

My dad gave me his old Canon AE1 when I got into photography
My day told me he wished he could be sick for me when I was little and sick in my parents bed.
My dad let me pick where we'd vacation because we both loved a good adventure.
My dad said, "Okay" when I told him I wanted to quit grad school. I thought he'd fight me on it & his acceptance of my decision made me realize I wanted to finish. So I did.
My dad told me, "It's like someone turned the lights out when you leave." It's the most memorable thing anyone has ever siad to me. Never felt more loved. 
My dad watched cartoons with me in the morning when I was small and would make us both late. 
My dad told the best stories, like the time he was about five and lit a palm tree on fire. His grandmother stood there with a hose trying to douse the blazing fire. Or that time he got pulled over, but just happened to be wearing his friends military outfit for a party and the officer apologized, thanked him even for his service to our country (he wasn't in the military) and let him go. 
My dad shoed the stray cats and then somehow they'd wiggle their way into his heart and he'd feed them all. 
My dad was a "sucker" and would give to any animal charity that sent him mail with a sad animal on it. 
My dad danced in the kitchen with my mother to make the dogs bark and me smile. 
My dad spoiled and loved me and taught me as best he could to be the best person I could be.
My dad is so very missed.

Wishing you a happy father's day and a chance to celebrate all the amazing men in our lives or their memory. 

Miss you dad...


  1. This is beautiful, Jessica!

    Your dad sounds like he was a really great man.
    No wonder you turned out alright. ;)


    1. Thanks Erica, so nice to hear. I think he did a pretty good job...

  2. This is so sweet...hugs Jessica xo

  3. This is lovely, it sounds like he was a really special guy. xx

  4. So love this. I also had an amazing dad. Wish we didn't have to miss them...


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