Inspired by: Vintage Books

Sometimes when I'm stumped with a certain project or just looking for inspiration I'll turn to my collection of vintage books (I've shared this before). They are mostly old discarded library books, second hand or street finds on all kinds of subjects, but my favorites are science and children's books. I love the patina of an old page, scientific diagrams and the color and style of children's illustrations. 

I'll pull a different set of books out each time, and just flip through the pages. It's an enjoyable practice in itself, but it's also a spring board for developing ideas in a kind of serendipitous way. I pulled this set of books out when I was making the patterns for Brooklyn Craft Camp and it also lead to another idea I'll share soon...

What are some things you do when you're stumped and looking for inspiration?

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  1. These are beautiful! I love old books myself for inspiration, especially children's books. I also enjoy visiting antique shops and flea markets when I need inspiration, keeping an eye out for vintage toys and trinkets.


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