why do you....

Why we do what we do...

I like to sit crossed legged on the floor, pull a stack of my old books out, and flip through them for inspiration. Today I came across The Art of Eating by M.F.K Fisher and slipped into reading bits and pieces for a while. This passage about why she writes about food got me thinking about why any of us do what we do? Why is it important to us? How did we come to it?

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  1. Hi there
    This is a question that I've thought to address in my blog for some time. Although I think most people would answer this question by siting the positive influences in their lives, my response would have to be the opposite. When I left home 44 years ago at 17 I took with me only my sewing machine and the belief that I was unworthy of an education. Needless to say it's been a struggle.
    Just writing this short comment will help me get to the place where I can write about this soon...............maybe.

  2. Kathi- thanks so much for this powerful response. It's really interesting for me to hear people's stories and am happy that you found a little strength to tell your own story! Please link me to the post if you do. Thanks!


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