Brooklyn Craft Camp...

...the craftiest day Brooklyn has ever seen...

On Saturday I was lucky enough to participate in the insanely fun Brooklyn Craft Camp teaching four packed embroidery classes throughout the day. The room buzzed with kindred makers learning to crochet, knit, create paper cut cards, realistic paper flowers, rad chunky-beaded jewelry, and make terrariums from some of my favorite makers, like Kayte Terry, Cal Patch, and Julie Schneider.

The day was planned to perfection by Brett Bara with no detail left out. Everywhere there was eye candy and an opportunity to get creative- pink table cloths, pom-poms, tassels, knit bombed couches AND a quick crafts and nail polish bar. I got fancy during the lunch break and did my nails - so fun! We had good music, great food, and fresh rosemary embellished fancy, pink drinks.

In my classes we learned the basics of embroidery and stitched up several new patterns I drew up just for this day, like feathers, arrows, a heart and leaves. It's always fun to see how people can take a pattern and make it their own.  Most of my classes had absolute beginners and I loved seeing them learn to embroider and get excited about what they were making.

I've also never threaded more needles in a day. I must have set some kind of record!

We made an epic mess. Threads and needles were every where. I had transfer paper stained fingers,  threads stuck on me, and a hoarse voice by the end of the day. I have quite a very fun job, but I was so exhausted by the end of this amazing day of making and meeting so many new people.

Thank you, thank you if you came out to Brooklyn Craft Camp. Thank you to everyone who took my classes - Please share your projects with me!

And a big, giant thank you to Brett for organizing the whole craftacular event!!


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