The Evolution of a Pin

It feels damn good to see someone make one of your projects! Kim Grant pinned my DIY Letter Sachet project and made it.  Not just made it, but used the idea to make some next level creative invites. I love how the tea bag is actually in the tea cup and even the tea tag is personalized. See Kim's post about her cards here. I love pinning DIY projects, but I rarely have the time to dive into my archive and make a project.

Here's my original little tea sachet & you can find the original DIY post here...

I love seeing the evolution of this pin.

Thank you Kim for sharing your beautiful cards with me! Please share any projects you've made from my DIY projects or even my book, Stitched Gifts. It would really make my day...


  1. Hi, I love these sweet little sachets, I am going to make a few to enclose for The Month of Letters challenge that begins in February.

  2. Thanks for the post and links to my blog! Warms my heart that's for sure. And seriously, like you I need to "dive into my archive" instead of just collecting projects to do some day.

    Love your new moon!


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