Just sayin' Hai

Or dog park pics where major cuteness ensues....
Home for the holidays still and soaking in what little sun there is in CA right now, family time, relaxation, crafting and puppy love. Kind of dreading returning to real life and the real cold of winter on the east coast. Oh, well at least there is a little more time to enjoy days like this at the dog park with my mom and her little beasts.

Dexter loves saying "hai" to the big boys through the fence & it never fails to make me audibly squeal from all the cuteness. Big dog/ little dog combo is my all time fave....

Big dog/Little dog

DexterThat Maltese up there is wearing a feather in her hair! How very fashionable.

Are you home or back from the holidays? Whatcha up too? 

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  1. totally adorable! I've been working on a lil' ol' kit from Miniature Rhino and it's lovely. :)


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