i'm the queen of creative distractions....

When it comes to honkering down to work, I need time.  Sometimes things are itching to get out of my brain and I can make without distraction. Usually the making process it kinda convoluted - an idea in the shower, sketches, head scratches, bike rides, midnight snacks, more sketches, and demanding my boyfriend help me pick out embroidery colors.  I find myself taking breaks, my creative distractions.  I clean the studio, organize, plan my next project. In the winter I bake, and lately I've been juicing....

The past few days I've felt stuck, and while this post may seem like a juicing recipe or something, it's really about getting unstuck.  For me, I think I need to stop fruitlessly working when it's not clicking.  It's really hard though to step outside of what you desperately want to fix.

So this is an exercise for me in creative play, and I just happen to also be taking care of myself at the same time too. Sweet!

Here are some of my recent concoctions:

coconut shreds + carrots + ginger + leafy greens + almond milk + beets (i can't believe I used beets. Not a fan, but with other stuff– not so bad)

pineapple + blue berries + ice + almond milk 

coconut milk + almond milk + cinnamon + pinch of celtic sea salt + ice = so good! kinda like horchata 

And today's breakfast.... cucumber + mint + pineapple + leafy greens + ginger + water

What do you do when you feel creatively stumped?


  1. wow, you and your fresh home made summer concoctions are totally inspiring! Thinking 'd love to give that last one a try. . .

  2. Hmmm, its funny because i usually never have a problem knowing what I want to make. Its just usually i don't know how to go about it, Where to find the materials, just where to start... its seems easier to stick with what I already know, so I do.

    Honestly, I haven't figured out how to get past these things... I usually just go back to whats been working for me and wish wish wish I was making what I really want to make... sigh.

    Those drinks look super delicious though! Now I want a juicer!

  3. you are much braver than I! I don't have the courage to make something like that. I stick with normal berry smoothies. -Shirley <><

  4. Yay! I love drinking green things! I would have added a bit of greek yogurt to make it go down smooooooth! Love those glasses!

  5. sleep. I sleep, or eat, or clean my studio, and then force myself to work again. do stuff I do and just take it one step at the time for a bit.
    the juice looks góód. gonna try.

  6. when i'm stuck and i try and push it then it's so frustrating. usually i find a mundane, repetitive task to focus away for a bit.

    that looks wonderful. i've been putting off getting a juicer since the beginning of spring (the seasons when you start to think about things like juicers) and this just might be the visual i needed to make me commit. yum!!

    where did you get those wonderful glasses??

  7. Responses finally!

    Ms. Habit- did you try it?

    The Oak Leaves- me too! i think it's hardest to figure out how to make an idea real. it's a lot of research and then making with trial and error.

    For Any Occasion- try it!!

    elisvermeulen- one step at a time is a good lesson, so simple, but sometimes I just forget that.

    Hollie- the glasses came from a tiny, hole in the wall thrift store in PA. We stopped to get gas and there was this tiny store. There was only two and unfortunately my cat broke the other, so now there is only one left. i love it!


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