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Renegade Prep Work Renegade Prep Work
Loved crafting with Virginia for our Renegade Brooklyn Booth! Lots more pics, but will share sneak peeks as it gets closer.  We both are really into decorating the booth and making a super fun environment- can't wait to see it all up!

making a little letters...
making little letters
Making little letters in the studio lately....

working on a lazy Sunday...
Jeremy working on a lazy Sunday.  We love sitting at our little table, looking out the window at all the people and street cats roaming about and sipping tea...

NewNew Etsy Team Event Painting pottery at Lorrie or Lenny Mud's studio. She gave a great talk on SEO & Etsy for the NewNew Etsy Team.


Happy to spend some time with Virginia's cat, Buggles, who is the goofiest thing ever! Those buggy eyes, crumpled ears, and silly cat tongue!!

This week....
+ 5/7 1:30 pm DONT FORGET! I'm teaching an Embroidery Class this Saturday at Pins & Needles. It's a beginner class and we'll be making Zodiac Embroideries!! Would be a supper fun Mom & Daughter activity for mother's day, or just a fun, crafty afternoon. More info on the P&N blog here, and a my earlier post on the class here. Hope to see you there!!

+ 5/ 4 I'm going to a writing workshop at Etsy with Michelle, who does all the Keep It Weird posts. I'm down for any opportunity to improve my skillz...

+ 5/7 So excited to see the work & hopefully the artist too, J.L of Blood Milk, in the group show, Alchemically Yours. Any local peeps wanna come with?


  1. I know, right! I can't get enough of Buggles!!

  2. Looks like terrific amounts of craftiness going on!
    Buggles is abnormally adorable. Those ears!

  3. Nix- "abnormally adorable" is my new favorite phrase! thanks!!

  4. tiny letters, tiny wax and tiny cat face, love!

  5. hi andrea!! i love little things & that cat face bunches too!!

  6. Great cats alive. Soo cute.


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