get messy...

above photo: by virginia, the rest by me...

I really wanted to try this DIY project with doilies, but I didn't have any doilies to use. I do have tons of vintage books that I find on the streets on NY though.  So when Virginia and I got together to work on our booth for Renegade Brooklyn we tried this project at my great insistance. Totally messy, fun and simple diy project that I think would be fun to do with little ones...

trying out decoupagetrying out decoupage
trying out decoupage
trying out decoupage

Might make some more & paint them too. Super easy to make and I could see a bunch together   being really cute decorations for a studio or kids room.

Here is all you need:
+ balloons or a form to shape around
+ liquid starch or Modpodge mixed with a bit of water. The liquid starch has a matte finish and the Modpodge has a shiny finish.
+ paper

If you try it let me know what you think!  &  Happy Cinco De Mayo!!


  1. Pinatas!
    Vintage Paper Pinatas!


  2. Oooooh, its so long since I paper mache'd a balloon! FUN.


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