where did the week go?

Happy Friday peoples!

I'm trying to get so much stitching, packaging and tie up some administrative stuff (no fun).

Some good reads for the weekend:
+ Design*Sponge Biz Ladies Online Ethics: Grace gives a informative overview of her talk with OH Joy! & Once Wed from the Altitude Design Summit in Utah (damn, that would have been great to go to!) It's kinda blowing my mind. Simple & important information for any one blogging and commenting on blogs. I need to go through the whole series- it's pretty much a serious business course.

+ Jerry Saltz's On the apartheid between “art” and craft a never ending topic (1,017 comments!). I appreciate the gesture. If you're not on FB and can't read the link, then try it here.

Otherwise, this weekend I'm trying to tame the studio mess (i'm addicted to supplies) & stitch . What are you up to?!
linen colors

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  1. Saltz's article was really interesting. Ooooh, linen! What great earthy colors, Jess.


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