craft vanitas....

Lest you think the crafting life is all beautiful workspaces in honey filled light, may I present you with my worktable - a chaos of bits here and there, much like the workings of my own brain. Lately I've been making lots of Messages in a Bottle and today I'll be packaging them all up for Valentine's Day deliveries.
Banjo, our new rescue cat that we are fostering has found a new favorite spot to my great annoyance. He is constantly pausing my music with his butt, and making the computer make that loud alarm like sound when he lays on the keyboard. But, how can you be mad at that face?

p.s. today is the last day to make your last minute Valentine's Day Gift Box purchases!
Sweet Baklava & Romantic Little Letter!!


  1. Awww ! Banjo cat makes me want to sing "black paws, white fur, black spots, Cadillac, yeah, The cat's a time bomb" on the music of Time Bomb ...

    (Yes, yes, I know ... I'm a dork !)

    So nice that you're so busy before V. day !
    x x x

  2. what cute/naughty kitten!

    Ps. I think real, lived in workspaces are so much more inspiring. Yours is lovely!

  3. I love this post. Glad that you are busy for Valentine's Day (and secretly glad that my workspace is in about the same shape as yours...although maybe a little worse...)!

  4. Ha, I love his little face-- he looks quite content.

    I was given one of your sweet stitchings as an engagement present before I got married and I only JUST found your blog. (So happy that I did!)

    Thanks for allowing us the peek into that creative brain of yours!

  5. PS : of course, I sing that song to my cat, too =^.^=

  6. That's hilarious, I swear there is some kind of at conspiracy to sit in the most inconvenient place! It is an innate skill they have, like hunting...


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