brooklyn = winter wonderland

snow day 1.27.2011
Last night it snowed, thundered, and poured freezing rain. So today has been filled with the sound of shovels scrapping cement. My window seals have lovely little pillows of snow along the edges and I like the view of snow covered trees and white blanketed streets. All this might be the usual fare for most east coast people, but as a California girl I'm still in awe of winters, even if I did live in Rochester for a few years. Also the snow hardly ever stays too long here and quickly turns to mud. yay. As long as I don't have to dig a car out and I can sit inside a stitch all day, me and winter are ok.
Although sledding in Central Park  sounds amazing!
snow day 1.27.2011snow day 1.27.2011
snow day 1.27.2011


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