DIY Holiday Gift Tags

Recently I created these embroidered gift tags for a demonstration at the uptown Kate's Paperie. They've been so kind as to make a template and project page for this project. It's the perfect time of year to craft your own simple, fun gift tags, so I thought I'd share how to make them with you. You can download the project template here (or visit Kate's craft page for the template too.) I've included the materials list and instructions (with a few additions).

Tools // Materials:
+ cover stock
+ scissors
+ cutting mat
+ hole punch
+ awl (or other sharp tool for piercing a small hole in paper 
+ card board 
+ needle
+ thread (embroidery thread works best)
+ ribbon or baker's twine to tie tag
Tags 1


1. Cut out the tags. (TIP: If you want for your thread to show through the back, you can cut off and disregard the attached mirrored tag. Otherwise, fold the tag in half for a neat backing

Tags 2

2. Take the tag printed side up and using your awl, punch through all the black dots.  It best to do this on a few sheets of card board.

Tags 3
Tags 4

3. Cut a length of thread about 15" long and tie a knot at one end. Thread your needle and begin stitching your tags.

4. When you’re done stitching and your thread is pulled through to the back of your tag, tuck your thread under the closest stitch and tie a knot. If you want a back to your tag.

The bow tag is done with a simple back stitch.

Tags 5

5. Use your hole punch to make a hole in your tag. Lace some matching thread and tie a knot. 

You can make sure this cute handmade tag is recyclable by writing something reusable to the recipient like, “For you!” or “A little something just for you…”

If you make these tags I'd love to hear how it goes or even see a picture! Please share!! You can email or link me to your flickr...


  1. These are so cute!!! Definitely gonna do this!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. These are so adorable and do-able too!

  3. the stamps are wonderful indeed. if you ever come to london make sure you get some, and if i ever go back to nyc (which i hope will happen sooner than later), i'll bring you some, wherever you are!
    these look fantastic. i'll try and craft my own when i'm wrapping the presents!!

  4. Cute idea! Going to try it this year.

    Happy holidays!

  5. These gift tags are awesome, AND they seem relatively easy to make!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!


  6. So sweet! Happy holidays to you my dear x

  7. Really sweet little tags! Thanks for the template and how-to.

  8. I really love them! But what kind of hole punch is that? I have trouble finding a good hole punch for card...

  9. These are SO great!! Loving them :D I made hand-stitched Easter cards this year ( using similar ideas, but I LOVE the blue and red colours and the designs you chose! Totally pinning now, so thank you for sharing :)

    Hannah ♫
    Sew Lah Tea Dough


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