the witch in me...

I know Halloween in over, but I wish it wasn't I love dressing up, baking pumpkin pie and visiting old farms on blustery days. I though I'd share my Halloween costume with you.  It was created around this little witch hat made by Chad of Mon Petit Fantome (you must check out his music too!)  I loooove it so much and am tempted to wear it always. It's so perfect and cute and really made my outfit.

I had fun putting together the details... a cast bat skull, a sacred heart necklace,  of a thousand sorrows, by Blood Milk (one of my favorite things to wear!!), a vial containing crystals and coral, feathers, a string of tiger eye stones, and a little drawstring bag filled potion-y.

came home to my own little dæmon, bug in a little pumpkin bandana. 


  1. You look hot and now we're Witchy Sisters !
    Same hatsss !
    x x x

  2. Jessica! Your costume is fantastic. I love all the little details...soooo good. So happy you love your witch hat.

  3. The little details are fantastic! You're so creative. <3 it!

  4. thanks so much guys! halloween is seriously my favorite. Mathyld - hat twins!!

  5. Just beautiful... i love your jewellery...

  6. YES!!!! You look wonderful! BUG! What a great familiar to keep on your broom ;)


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