i loves me some halloween...

... it's the perfect season for baking and watching horrible horror movies whilst you frost disfigured pumpkin, bat, cat and owl cookies.  The cookie cutters are from a vintage set we were given and I have been waiting so long to use them.  No a three year old didn't make these, me and my boyfriend did, and were damn proud. It was delicious and we had so much fun! Bug agrees, nom...

what are you guys doing to get into the alls hallow eve spirit?


  1. I'm meeting my coven ! I recently started one and for Samhain we'll meet and have a seance. We'll read tarot & I'll do pendulum. By the fire. With tea & cakes !
    And congrats on the biscuits, Bunnies !
    x x x

  2. we continued our horror movie marathon last night with "the burning" a sleep-away camp horror flick that features lots of stabbing with hedge clipping shears and only starting and ending with fire (you'd think with a name like the burning, more burning would've happened?)...
    anyway, only a few more days until halloween and that was our 3rd movie of the marathon(amityville horror was first, then night of the demons)... still to go: trick r' treat, dog soldiers (werewolves?), and [rec]! wish me luck... haha!

  3. I love that top left jack-o-lantern with his over-sized eyes!!! :)


    I think I will break out some decorations tomorrow while my son is at school. Right now we are rocking the un-carved pumpkin look.


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