etsy + mr craft night, pt. 2 review.....

this review is overdue. craft night with etsy was held on the 18th and it was good times. lots of people showed up ready and eager to embroider. it really took me back seeing how many kind, enthusiastic people were there.  it was humbling and inspiring to see that many people working on something i created, a pattern born from my imagination and guided by instructions i provided. it made me want to teach more, share more and be more involved with the community.  it felt good to share skills and craft in a community setting. to those who came out, thank you! i would love to see more of the projects as it comes along.

here are some images....
ps  mental note... i think i threaded a good 20-30 needles for people. i learned that tiny needles make it almost impossible to stitch. embroidery needles? no way, i use tapestry needles!


  1. looks so so fun!!! wish i could have been there :)

  2. thanks! it was fun- a total high to share with so many!


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