my dæmon....

is a little cat. my constant companion, the biter of ankles, the knocker-overer of the thread, the waker- uper of my computer from sleep mode when i am trying to sleep, the best trouble maker, The Bug....
ps just finished his dark materials on audio book. i really wish i could have a little dæmon, but i guess buggy is a pretty good alternative....

do you have a dæmon?


  1. The top pic is insanely artistic. The lighting and the look in his eyes! I just love it!!!

    I have three cats and the trouble maker of the group is Tang. At least he keeps things interesting.

  2. I don't at the moment but yours is very cute. :)

  3. i have three!

  4. Oh Bug! I love you, you handsome fella. And I too love the top photo! good.
    And I really must listen to His Dark Materials on audio!

  5. Cuuuttttteeee!!! I love your Bug! (And that is saying a lot because I usually don't think any kitties are very cute except my own!! Although, come to think of it, he looks like a skinny version of my Mac...) And, yes, like everyone else I think that top photo is très artistic!

  6. Oh how I loved the Golden Compass. I think of Luna as my daemon...but I wish she could morph..Oh how I wish she could morph ;)


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