in stitches....

hooray! in stitches is opening at Renegade Handmade this saturday on the 21st. be there if you are in chicago! all the participants work look so good together on this post, which also has all the dets. i'm excited to be part of this show with such great company, AND jenny hart is doing a book signing and workshop too! see chicago, you should be there! i would if i could.

here are the pieces i sent off...and just a few works from some of the lady friend lisa aaron of lou lou and oscar. bugs!cross stitched smith lyrics. hell yeah. by chez-sucre-cheztoo tute. by my new crush the pin pals. these girls are cute and i want a beau!


  1. Jenny Hart! I love her! She's got such fun patterns and templates! I really like your submissions too, by the way!

  2. Yes yes ... I knew for Lisa but discovered you were part of this, too !
    Aceness ! Renegade rocks and qo do you !

    x x x


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