MR holiday press

if you just happened to be at barnes and noble in union square when i first saw this- i hoped you liked my dance....recent features in BUST and DIY magazine have got me silly happy and pumped for the holidays. these are some picks by Lisa Butterworth, BUST's associate editor. there's a little love for for me, for you up there too!

i've limited my custom embroidery offerings, to ensure that the orders i do have get to their holiday destinations on time. the last day i'm offering custom hearts will be monday the 23 and i'm just about to list a few. so get'em while you can.....


  1. Fantastic! And Amy Poehler on the cover, too...dobuly awesome.

  2. I LOVE Do It Yourself Mag! I asked for a subscription for christmas hahahaha Congrats!

  3. Congratulations Jessica! They look just as beautiful on those slick pages as they do in your Etsy shop. Many, many thanks for leaving a comment with kind words of encouragement the other day. You're my first commenter in this new venture of blogging and following my passion. I'm excited. :) ps- your words came at an opportune time and helped quite a bit.

  4. Congrats! BUST is my favorite magazine. You're going to have a busy Christmas season!

  5. so, so exciting and so well deserved!!!
    happy, happy for you

  6. What ? Wow !
    I am missing so much, working on this market ...

    So great ! Bust & DIY rock !
    So sad I missed your dance :)
    x x x


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