my 5 year diary...

...finally after a year of watching my boyfriend write in his 5 year diary every night i've gotten my own. (i got it at cog&pearl, my favorite shop in park slope) sometimes he'll read to me what happened on this day exactly a year ago and it always is so crazy to me how skewed my sense of time is and how horrible my memory is. i'll think, "that was a year ago?!" or i may not even remember something at all. so i've wanted to start my own for awhile now.

the design, by Tamara Shopsin, is great- simple and clean. i love the significance of the tree slice on the front of the book. there's also a space to log your travel and the books you've read...Tamara also makes these pins.... ! it's a "real lincoln quote, forged handwriting"
Her site and shop are niiiiiice....


  1. I kept a diary as a child, but haven't since. I remember that I wrote verrrry dramatic tales of what happened at elementary school that day. This sounds like a great project to take up - and your journal is the chic way to do it!

  2. just what i need!

    i've been keeping a day by day account in field notes for a while now. i couldn't imagine there would be a book just for what i am doing! thanks for posting this.

  3. interesting concept.


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