on sunday...

we rolled out of bed and pointed a camera at ourselves just because....

as i posted this sweet picture, bug knocked over a whole box of cat food and i wanted to shake him.
(i didn't)


  1. now that is just too beautiful! what a lovely family...xo.
    p.s. i love bug's expression!

  2. Heart-stoppingly sweet. Such mischief, kindness and love, in one frame. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Aww, very cute... loving the look your cat has! Great eyes :)

    P.S. As I am loving your blog (and your work!), I've given you a blog award... x

  4. so sweet! beautiful photography always has backstage drama, doesn't it?

  5. Hahah! The look on your cat's face is priceless. Its a cross between: "WTF?" and "Oh my God! The sky is falling?!"
    Too cute!


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