help MR and vote... the DIY Wedding Crafts Contest with Martha Stewart & Etsy. I made the pieces below for real weddings. remember 100 Layer Cake hosted a contest to helped me find the brides.
well now it's time to vote. they haven't made it easy though. there are over 3,000 entries and you can only see 8 entries per page, with no means to search out contestants. it seems like only the first few easily accessible pages will be seen/ voted on. on top of that you must log in to cast a vote. so i need your help.

if you like the pieces and feel so inclined i would greatly appreciate your support...Please vote for the my Custom Heart here or the Custom Tree Stump here...thanks!!!! you can see all 3,000 or so the entries here.


  1. do you know if multiple votes count? i've voted before and the MS site seemed to remember my vote when i visited again today, so it made me wonder.

  2. hi michelle, hummm, i really have no clue about that. couldn't hurt though. thanks!

  3. Oh my ! You were right ! This wasn't an easy vote !
    But I did it, I did vote for you :)
    x x x


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