dear bug,

a cat love letter. strange how much you can love a little fuzzy thing whose kinda a jerk...
heres wishing you a great weekend...


  1. SO true! I love my cat too, but she's temperamental, moody and sometimes not very friendly. But I still love her :)
    Cute blog

  2. I love this post! Cats truly are the best. My cat can be a bit of a jerk too but OH I love her so much! When she puts her paws on my bed and meows at me, she melts my heart. Your Bug is so sweet.

  3. "strange how much you can love a little fuzzy thing whose kinda a jerk" -- this just sums up the human/cat relationship perfectly :)

  4. Aw! You and your bug make me long for a kitty, and wish I didn't live up too many stairs and too many doors for a cat to handle. Stupid flat.
    The best thing about cats is how you look at them and you go all gooey and you say 'let's have a cuddle', and your cat says 'hmmm. maybe. No actually, I'm going out...'

  5. My cat, Sam, looks just like your Bug except a bit older! He's good for cuddles too, that is, when HE decides it's time! No matter that he's walking all over my crochet -- I WANT TO BE HELD AND SCRATCHED!!
    Aren't they wonderful?

  6. glad to see all the cat love...thanks all for you comments!

  7. I love how cats always make sure to let you know they are simply TOLERATING you. Very cute.

  8. Same cat-love feelings as above.
    But I'd like to add that you look prettier and prettier, these days.
    You look super tiny, too :)

    x x x

  9. I love Bella- even though I call her a Brat Cat. She is the cutest, fuzziest, littlest kitty.. and she bites my toes all the dang time.


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