a Giveaway and Contest

the oh so kind ladies at 100 Layer Cake and i have teamed up for a little giveaway. we want to join creative forces with you! really. i wanted to enter the Martha Stewart + Etsy handmade wedding details contest with one of my custom heart samplers that would be used in an actual real life wedding. so 100 layer cake is helping me find all you brides to be that would like to use a little embroidered heart in their weddings.

to enter just head on over here, and leave a comment about how you could use this in your wedding. maybe you have a unique names or a good story too. we wanna hear it! and if you know any brides point them on over thrrr!

many thanks to all you who enter and 100 Layer Cake for helping to spread the word!


  1. Afraid I'm not a bride-to-be so that counts me out... my lovely cousin is getting married next year and I am planning on getting one of your samplers for her as a wedding present. Doesn't really count does it? ;)

  2. maybe not, but it's so, so nice of you to have planned this out!

    i was think of someway that i could include everyone too, like maybe a discount or free shipping or something like that connected with this. so maybe a discount code 100 layer cake. hmmm...how about that?

  3. how exciting! i will pass it along to anyone i can think of....

  4. awesome! good luck with it. 'fraid I don't know any brides at this moment xx

  5. blerg. i was going to enter, but the contest is only open to americans. why do canadians have to be left out of the fun???

    good luck!


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