the dog...

remember the drawing piece i was working on? well, its done and found its way to it's new home, so its time to share a six year old's anatomical drawing of a dog turned into an embroidery! i loved making this so much i thought i'd share the process...

i tried to stay true to her child lines. the layout needed to be modified a bit to fit into the circular hoop...

the original drawing with the finished piece side by side....
all done...i love that tail is spelled backwards!!ready to be framed and backed...midway throughthe first step is the hardest. transferring the drawing....


  1. That is the coolest thing ever! You need to list that idea in your shop.

  2. I love how it worked out! Did you trace the drawing?

  3. you're so talented lady! i looove seeing the process.

  4. i am totally in love with is so true to the child's drawing...what a wonderful keepsake.
    i somehow deleted your comment (with a bunch of other comments) about the window treatment. i don't know how i did that! so sorry. anyway, i loved what you said about it being fun to gather find all the things to make it. for me, sometimes finding the things is just as fun...or more fun....than making the project!
    have a great rest of the weekend

  5. miss crowland- perhaps i shall- good idea!...

    erin, yes, i trace the print out of the modified layout with a water soluble pen.

    thank you lynelle, chad and michelle!!

  6. so awesome! it looks identical to the drawing<3

  7. this is SO awesome, what a treasure to have! I love how closely you captured the drawing, it's amazing!


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