little thing...

little thing magazine says, "we collect beautiful things". i'm all kinds of pumped to be featured in a 3 page spread with lots images and an interview. it's all in chinese though, so if you'd like to read the interview let me know and i'll post the text too.

its so cute because they only refer to me as jessica and since all the text but names are in chinese you see my cat "bug" mentioned, like in the first sentence, and later the name of my parent's dog, Buddy Lee jumps out from all the chinese characters.

lots of great, beautifully printed images throughout the magazine....
i love that memory is my main tagline! memory is one of the main focuses of my work...
they also feature helle jorgensen or gooseflesh, whose work i have been in awe of for awhile....
check out little thing magazine....


  1. Oh, that's so sweet! Well done you. It looks like a really nicely designed publication xx

  2. SO FREAKIN' RAD, JESS!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on your awesome feature! So rad<3

  3. I've never heard of that magazine, but from what I see (and the fact that they featured you !) it seems to be an amazing one !

    Congratulations, Jessica, on this amazing and well-deserved article !

    And I love the fact that the pets names are there too ! Hehe !

    x x x

  4. wow, this is beautiful! congratulations are definitely in order!


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